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From the Secret Files of Max Cannon....

...Red Meat Comics

Red Meat Comics
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community devoted to Max Cannon's RED MEAT comics. The moderator will post/link the latest comic. However, sometimes she gets a little distracted with reality, in which case? Feel free to post the latest strip. Otherwise, enjoy the community and feel free to discuss anything that has to do with Red Meat Comics or even Max Cannon. Post your art, your ideas for comic strips, and whatever else you feel you would like to discuss.

So, join! Introduce yourself! Post a favorite strip!

The only rule we really enforce is Keep the topics Red Meat oriented. Please do not advertize other communities here unless they are relivant to Red Meat comics. Especially rating communities. That annoys me and will result in death....or banning.

Founder/Moderator: zerobulletpoet